Planning an affordable beach wedding

Couples are always looking for a way to have the perfect beach wedding. The problem is, beach weddings can be expensive and stressful to plan. But what if you could plan the perfect Panama City Beach Weddings that was both within your budget and stress-free? It’s possible! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can plan an affordable Panama City Beach wedding that you won’t soon forget.

If you are looking for a way you can plan an affordable Panama City Beach wedding then you are at the right place. This article will act as a guide for planning an affordable beach wedding. 

Choose the Destination 

The first step to planning an affordable Panama City Beach wedding is to choose your venue wisely. There are plenty of beautiful venues in the area, each with different price points. To keep costs down, look for restaurants that offer dinner packages. You should also consider renting a private home as your venue since they tend to be cheaper than traditional venues. Just make sure you factor in any additional costs associated with renting a home such as cleaning fees and security deposits. 

Panama City Beach wedding by Princess Wedding offers you the destination wedding that will match your budget. You can check the different Panama City Beach Wedding Packages.  This gives you the chance to get the wedding ceremony according to your budget. 

Check out the different wedding packages! 

  •  If you want to go for a wedding up to $850, then you have an elopement package. This is the package perfect for couples looking out for a romantic wedding. The package offers the photographer, officiate,  and many more things. 
  • Another package offered is a seaside wedding package that can cost $1550. This package offers features like a sand ceremony, a photographer,  prerecorded music, and many more. You can always enjoy the perfect wedding with all the features. 
  • Princess wedding offers a $2350 package.  In addition to the prior one it also offers features like aisle decoration, a wedding coordinator,  a bamboo arbor, and much more. 
  • The Serenity package is also the one that costs $3050. It offers features like a Deluxe 4-post bamboo arbor adorned with lush flowers,  around 24 chairs, vases, and so on. 

Try to Focus on the Local

Saving money is always good. If you are looking to go to a destination wedding at a place like Panama City Beach, then you can avoid taking a lot of luggage with you. You can save a great amount if you focus on going local, for things you need during the wedding. Although hiring a local official will typically be less expensive than hiring someone from outside the area to officiate the wedding, you should do so. 

Furthermore, take into account hiring a nearby wedding photographer. Wedding photographers in your area will probably provide you with superior work than someone you bring with you. Check out the Panama City Beach Wedding Packages which do include photography. 

Limit Your Bar

Limiting a bar is crucial for your spending plan. 

Make sure that you plan what is to be served during the Panama City Beach Weddings. In addition to this take care of the quantity that is to be made available. 

Publish E-Invitations

Invitation cards do cost a fair amount, this will always add to your budget. 

It is the age of technology and everyone is looking for new and innovative ways. So,  why should you not follow the trend? 

E-Invitations are less expensive. This helps you save the cost of paper as well as the cost of sending invitations to various places. The best part is it comes with a wide range of features so that you can customize the invites. You can send the e-invitations quickly and in no time. So, you can always choose this option that will save time as well as money. 

Use Your Wedding Cake to Your Advantage 

There are various considerations to address while planning a wedding on a limited budget. And rather than a big, elaborate wedding cake, we suggest opting for a few delicious cupcakes as the wedding cake. An extravagant wedding cake that can fit all of the guests is required. Yet, the taste is ultimately more important than appearance. Hence, you can save money by serving cupcakes or macaroons instead of a wedding cake for your beach wedding.

Princess wedding offers you the Panama City Beach Wedding Packages, that are within budget. 

Last but not least, don’t worry about the others; it is your wedding, and only you two have the power to decide what to do. Make a detailed wedding plan, and don’t forget to have enjoy every moment of it. 

Hope the above things will help you plan your Panama City Beach Weddings at an affordable rate. Pre-planning will always help you save money and make things work easily. 

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Aqua Florida Beach Wedding: Color Inspiration

Aqua color has been the most popular color for many seasons. Aqua, Turquoise , Teal are all similar colors that we use a lot for our beach weddings in Panama City and Destin, Florida.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate this color in your beach wedding.

Aqua Beach Wedding Ceremony:

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New Circle Arbor for our Panama City Beach Weddings!!!

Our New Circle Arbor

So excited to introduce our new circle arbor! We are constantly trying to find new designs and trends in beach weddings. Circle arbors have been all over Instagram and Facebook and now we are brining it to our Beach weddings in Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida.



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CoronaVirus Update: Panama City and Destin Beach Closures

Hello friends,

I wanted to give you update for our beach weddings. As of right now we have suspended all beach weddings in Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida due to Coronavirus pandemic. We will resume beach weddings when local beaches reopen. Dates are as follows:

Panama City Beaches are currently closed till April 9th

Destin beaches are closed till April 30th

As you know dates and information changes everyday so please check with Bay County and Okaloosa county for updated info.

Princess Wedding team is here to assist you in anyway, please do not hesitate to call us or email anytime.

We are offering to all of our March, April and May brides to move their wedding date and everything will be transferred.

Stay safe and healthy!

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