Our Beach Wedding Office: Something's Gotta Give

I have been super busy (nothing new really). We are in a final run of preparations for our beach wedding season. Your spring and summer weddings are going to be here in no time. With that said I have been organizing (maybe a little too obsessively) and going through all wedding files and making sure we have locations and times for all of our weddings (if you have not sent me your info on this yet PLEASE do so as soon as possible). Custom materials, sashes, flowers, mason jars, lanterns and other new (and may I add fabulous) decorations are ordered. Yay (can’t wait to get it all in the mail)!!!

All of this organizing took most of my time during past few days (and nights). My inbox was being flooded with emails, my voice mail filling up with messages, laundry room full of clothes ready to be washed and dinner that needs to be made. I was just getting overwhelmed with my to do list (that was growing with each minute). So I had to take a minute, sit down and think. Does it really matter that my laundry will not get folded today (or tomorrow), or if I have dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen. No it does not. What matters is that my daughter is happy, my husband feels loved and my brides are taken care of. I needed to realize this and stop freaking out about small stuff.

So I took my daughter to the park, had pizza for dinner, took care of my inbox (sorry everyone for 11 pm emails), have only few calls to return and I. feel. good.

Maybe next week will be better and I will finally tackle the mounting pile of laundry, don’t judge 🙂


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