Beautiful Garters For Your Beach Wedding

You’ve bought the perfect dress, a perfect vail, and all the matching accessories.  And now it is time to find a beautiful garter.  Well good news, I found the most perfect places to buy them!!!

Mamie + James on Etsy store has  many great choices! Their style is a very feminine and flirty.  I love how they are not just your regular garter.  They are garnished with crystals, flowers, and cute little bows.  Who wouldn’t want their new husband to seductively pull one of those off their leg?? Another great place is Emily Riggs Bridal.  Their style is completely different.  When I see Emily’s garters, I instantly think of a vintage time period where femininity was at its height.  Emily Briggs custom makes all of her garters.  They are made with simple lace, feathers, fabric flowers, jewels, and pearls.  I absolutely love ALL of her garters.

Happy beach wedding planning,


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