Beach Wedding Inspirations with Pinterest

Don’t you just love having a bit of inspiration when it comes down to planning your wedding?

Our company has an account on  (think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard, place to catalog and share the things you love) we LOVE to show what inspires us. We have quite a few boards already. We have some on beach wedding color palettes, dresses, shoes, and even accessories.

BUT be aware Pinterest is definitely addicting! All of our coordinators are on there plenty of times during the week. All of the weddings we plan need a starting point to design. Some of our followers already help us and check what they like best, or what they think would be a great addition to our boards. Create an account (if you don’t already have one) and follow us!! We would love to see what every bride finds inspiring. Every wedding is different, but every idea for a wedding is beautiful too!!!

As of right now you need to request invite to join Pinterest  but they are super fast with response.  if you have any trouble email me and I will send you an invite.

So go to Pinterest (and see for yourself just how amazing it is) and get inspired,


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