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Kim Kardashian Inspired Beach Wedding

It’s been 2 months since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tied the knot, but I am still obsessed with it all. It was so beautiful and elegant!

Kim said in interviews that her inspiration for much of the wedding was a classic, old Hollywood style. Even for Panama City Beach weddings or Destin beach wedding, this style is easily accomplished. Try incorporating crystals in small places, like in the center of your flowers, or in the vases used as table center pieces. Another fun thing to try is white feathers! Maybe put one in your bouquet, hang them in front of lights, glue them on invitations, or maybe even put one in your hair!

Old Hollywood is all about glamor in the small things. The two simplest colors, black and white, are what really defines the style. But a small hint of color, like red, can make the style pop to an even greater elegance.

A beach old Hollywood wedding would turn out completely beautiful, fulfilling anyone’s wish of glamour and elegance in a wedding.

Here are some pictures from her wedding (for more visit: TMZ Kim Kardashian Wedding):


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