Lets Talk Beach Wedding Make Up

Hello guys,

Have you thought about make up for your wedding day? If not then you are in trouble! ok. just kidding. But no really, make up is one of the most important parts of your wedding. Trust me. Especially if your wedding is on the beach. You have to consider several things such as: humidity (thats a big one for Florida beach weddings), lighting (you get natural light on the beach), time of the wedding (is it day or evening wedding), your style and color palette. Tip:

  • This is  probably the most important step you will make. Use facial scrub and apply moisturizer.  I like Dr. Brandt Pore Thing ($45 at Sephora) – it tightens pores and eliminates shine. Exactly what you need for the beach
  • Use skin primer. I like Smashbox Photo Primer ($38)
  • Skin Illuminator. if you have not used one before I urge you to start. I love St. Tropez Skin Illuminator in Violet or Gold (I get mine on Amazon for about $20).
  • Under eyes brightener. You want to look like a super model right? Then this one is a MUST. I love Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($28 at Sephora). It is simply awesome!
  • Translucent powder is a must for beach weddings (remember beach+ humidity=sweat). Powder will help create gorgeous matte finnish. I use Smashbox Halo To Go 
  • Use waterproof mascara. I am sure you know why…..
  • Use bronzer
  • When you decide on color of lipstick, remember: if dark or bright lips then light/ natural eye make up; light lips then dark or natural eyes. Dark lips and dark eye make up is an absolute no no.  I love YSL Rouge Volupte in Sweet Honey ($34) it goes with everything and is just so awesome! I also love Fleshpot Lipstick by Mac ($30) This one is my everyday lipstick, and it is the best. It has a natural nude look without the orange shade.
  • Have your made of honor bring few must have make-up pieces (such as powder, lipstick and lipgloss) with her to a wedding, so you can refresh your make-up before the photoshoot. After the ceremony, pat your face with powder (remember we are going for the fresh matte finish)  and apply fresh coat of your lipstick and top it with a lipgloss. Please don’t forget about this step. You will thank me when you get your glamorous super model pictures!
  • Apply a bit heavier coat. Natural light and the flash of the camera will reduce the amount of make-up you have and if you are wearing a light make-up it will wash you out. But remember we are going for glamorous  natural look without going overboard
  • You also want to do a trial run of the make up few days before the wedding to make sure that you don’ t stress about it on your actual day.  You also want to achieve a dramatic effect (because you are the star of of  day and so should look like one) but also be recognizable. Basically you want to take it up a notch but still stay true to your style.
I have a secret to share with you guys! My go to person for make up advice is Kandee Johnson. She is awesome! If you have a question about make up you can find it on her blog or on you tube (I love how detailed her videos are).  If you use make -up you need to visit her blog or you tube (under tutorials on her blog). period.
On another note beach+humidity= frizzy hair. If you missed it, here is the post about it (now I know Brazilian Blowout has been criticized in the press, but they really have improved their product and I absolutely love the way it make my hair shine!).


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