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Panama City Beach Weddings New Website

Hello friends,

I am so excited and proud of our new website and branding. Even though our old Princess Wedding website was beautiful and I loved it, it lacked functionality. My biggest goal with Princess Wedding Co is to offer our destination brides not just gorgeous bamboo arbors and pretty pictures, but the actuall planning process that is easy and straightforward. I wanted our website to match that. I worked with very talented graphic designer Jared Knetzer . He patiently listened to all the things I wanted to do and magically made it happen. I could not be more pleased with final result.

Few pages I love on our new Destin and Panama City Beach website are:

panama city beach wedding company

panama city beach wedding company

*Our home page can now feature videos! So excited about that.

*Packages have: tabs for description and FAQs specific to this particular Destin or Panama City Beach package (which is awesome because while reading the description you can just press FAQ if you have any questions about this package) 3) slide show AND video (love it!). This allows you to see and almost touch all of our beach wedding decorations. If I was trying to find beach wedding package over the internet I would want to see bamboo arbor, chairs and other decorations as realistically as possible. Our video does just that.

* Guide to our planning process. Here is a quick look at our Panama City Beach wedding planning process in JUST 10 steps.

* Wedding Gallery Categories. Now you don’t have to go thought hundreds of pictures to find what you are looking for. Choose wedding gallery based on color, package, and theme. Such a timesaver!

* Left side bar for quick navigation

* Destination pages for all of our locations: Destin, Panama City Beach, Jacksonville, St Augustine, and Amelia Island, Florida


I hope you all like our new website as much I do!

Happy beach wedding planning,


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