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{DIY Project} Sand brushes for your Beach wedding

Having your wedding on the beach means you and your guests have to deal with sand on your feet and in between your toes.

A fun wedding favor would be customized sand brushes! They look like regular paint brushes you can find at the hardware store, but have a softer, more silky feel to the bristles. You can easily decorate them with stickers showing your wedding date, and even a tied ribbon matching your color scheme. Some companies offer a great deal of variation to make them exactly what you want.  But you can easily make them yourself.  Here is my attempt at our first DIY project.

Supplies: scissors, personalized stickers, silk ribbon, paint brushes, and metal tin.

Cost: Brushes $0.99 cents ea., silk ribbon $3.99, metal bin $5, Stickers $5.

Time: 15 minutes

Step 1- Cut silk ribbon to the desired length. I used two colors.


Step 2- Put Stickers on your brushes. To create personalized stickers you will need- AVERY round glossy white 2inch stickers (I get them at Office Max). Download this template , type your initials or wedding logo and you are ready to print. 

 Step 3- Tie silk ribbon around brush 


They turned out so cute and are so useful!!

Your guests will love the fact that you were thinking about them when you chose your wedding favors!!

Happy beach wedding planning,


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