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2013 Most Popular Destin Beach Wedding Packages

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Hello all,

Serenity package has been one of our most popular packages for the last few years. This Destin and Jacksonville beach wedding package has everything you will need for your Destin or Panama City  beach wedding ceremony. It is elegant and chic.  But in 2013 we created Legacy Package and it quickly has been taking a spot light away from serenity package. The new curtain style arbor, tall shepherd hooks and vases filled with pure white hydrangeas with turoise Emerald Coast waters in the background create pure perfection. Turquoise, beige and coral dominated the beach color palette choices for 2013.

Here are the most popular Jacksonville beach wedding, Destin and Panama City Beach Wedding packages and colors:

legacy beach wedding packageLegacy package burlap sashesblue beach wedding legacybeige beach wedding beige destin beach weddingturquoise  beach wedding panama city beachturoiuse beach wedding panama city beachbest beach wedding destincoral beach wedding panama city beachbamboo arbor coral beach weddingnavy beach wedding destin



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