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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report: Our 10 Favorite Bridal Bouquets for 2013

april 18 bridal party flowers

Mayya’s Beach Trend Reports are back! Ahh, what a season we had in 2013. It was busy, fulfilling, and just plain awesome! When I was looking over the gorgeous pictures from 2013 weddings, the idea of doing 10 Favorites was born. We are so lucky to work with the most stylish, creative and trendy brides. So today Mayya’s Fashion Report brings you Princess Wedding Staff’s 10 Favorite Bridal Bouquets from 2013.

Mayya’s Trend note:

  • Blooms: Lush peonies, garden roses, orchids and carnations all seemed to dominate bridal bouquets in 2013
  • Colors: Blush Pink (yay!), pure white, and green were classic choice for beach weddings
  • Bling it: Vintage dazzles, jewels, pearls, and crystals made a striking statement in 2013 floral designs
  • Sentimental value: lockets or piece of jewelry with special meaning to bride, added personal touch to beach ceremony

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