Business as Passion

You know the feeling when you are working on something you are madly passionate about?  It is the best feeling. The countless hours spent doing it just fly by and you don’t even notice. You are absolutely consumed by your ideas and vision. You think about it when yo go to sleep and still have them in your head when you wake up. Well….. Thats exactly how my life has been ever since we decided to rebrand and freshen up Princess Wedding image. Destin Beach Weddings, Panama City Beach Weddings, weding fashion, wedding decorations, logo, brand, webdesign, packaging, and most importantly current weddings- is what my brain is consumed with at all times. I have so many ideas and things I want for Princess Wedding that its so hard to pull myself from the computer. Discovery of Pinterest doesn’t help either 🙂

Baby is asleep and I have “King’s Speech” in DVD player, that I have been dying to see for the longest time. So why I keep browsing Pinterest, trying to figure out Quickbooks (its been 4 months of fighting with this software. I just don’t get it) and checking my email? Here is what I learned from the last couple of months. As a business owner you have to create boundaries and hours where you separate your work, family and home time. I know it will take me some time to get to that point but I will try to do my best 🙂


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