Dieting Before the Beach Wedding

There always seems to be pressure on the bride to look perfect on the wedding day. It is your big day and you are the star of the event. The same way celebrities  diet before movie premieres and models before runaway shows, brides diet before their wedding.  And who is under  more pressure than  the bride who is getting married on the beach?!

There is some controversy about dieting just for the wedding, but it may also be a great start to a healthier life style. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, LeAnn Rimes and Jessica Simpson all have been critised for their weigth loss before the wedding.

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to take pills to lose unwanted weight. Dieting is eating healthy and combining it with regular exercise. Those two things together will help you lose weight and be healthy at the same time. Too many times people take dieting to the extreme and push their bodies to unhealthy levels. Add that to the stress of planning a destination wedding and your health is in serious trouble.

The key to dieting is portion control. Eating smaller meals more frequently helps your metabolism run more efficiently. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, try eating 5 smaller ones. You will notice that you will begin to feel better. When you eat a lot of food at one time, your body can only use so much of the nutrients, so all the extra nutrients get stored as fat. When you eat those smaller portions, your body breaks them down a lot easier and places the nutrients in the spots they need to go to.

Don’t forget to exercise! Sometimes even when you think you are eating well, your body still stores excess calories as fat. Exercise is a great way to burn those extra calories. Plus its a great way to relieve the stress of planning your beach wedding.

You want to look healthy, glowing and fabulous on your wedding day, so remember to diet safely!! Did you diet before your wedding?  If so share your secret and leave a comment. I personally was not dieting before the wedding, but still lost some weight (which I gained right back on our honeymoon) due to stress and just being busy.

The Knot has a great resource for getting in shape before your wedding. Visit their Ultimate Wedding Workout Zone.

I am also a fan of Whitney Cole’s blog. In her posts she shares tons of tips and ideas on healthy dieting and workout. You can also follow one of her brides who is blogging about the journey of loosing weight in 6 weeks before her wedding. Check it out here.

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