Beach Wedding Photos Advice

This year I have noticed  that many of our couples were overwhelmed when asked what type of pictures they were looking at for their special day. It is always better to do some online searching to discover the style that would best suite your tastes. I would reccomend even printing some of the pictires that you may like most and bringing them along to share with your photographer.  Visit our Pinterest beach wedding board “Must Have Beach Wedding Photos” to get inspired. Also keep in mind that you may also bring along a  few small personal items such as a seashell to display your rings on or other small items to make your wedding unique.
The style of your pictures is something you should have discussed( and hopefully agreed upon) before the wedding. There are many styles and poses that the photographer can offer. Do you prefer classic and traditional look? Or a more flirtatious and fun look? Either way having a good idea of what you want will go a long way to insuring you are completely happy with the outcome. We want your wedding pictures to be unique as our couples are, Be yourself and remember that this shots are the memories of your special day to reflect and remember for eternity. Do not be afraid to speak up and explain exactly what you are looking for and remember the photographer is there for YOU.
Following the ceremony pictures with friends and family follow. Please know ahead of time whom you would like to have photographed so that there is no confusion between your photographer and your family.
Those are just few tips to make your special day less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.
Be fabulous today,

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