Best Time for a Beach Wedding Ceremony

A lot of couples ask me what is the best time for beach wedding ceremony. Technically weddings can be at anytime of a day, but from my experience the Best times for beach wedding are either morning (8 am-10 am) or sunset weddings (1-1.5 hrs before sunset). Why? Weather is cooler and less people are on the beach. Prime time for beach goers is between 10-5 pm, so you definitely want to avoid this time frame.

Morning wedding vs. Sunset wedding

Morning Wedding Ceremony

Pros: Destin Beaches are almost empty, so more privacy. Usually the best weather is in the morning. Beach is cool; fresh morning breeze is still in the air. Color of water is at the best during this time. Natural light of the morning sun is pefect for pictures. Our best shots were done during morning weddings and all professional photoshoots are scheduled for mornings.

Cons: well, thats obvious! You have to wake up really early to get ready.

Sunset Wedding Ceremony

Pros: Beautiful sunset pictures! I  suggest having your Destin beach wedding ceremony scheduled for 1 or 1.5 hrs before sunset (your Princess Wedding coordinator will let you know what time sunset is on your date). The ceremony lasts about 20 minutes and you want to have at least 1 hour left for photos, before it gets too dark.

Cons: Time limit. because you are having wedding 1 hr before sunset, there is not much time to play with . If wedding starts late (due to rain, your or guest being late) then that time is taken away from your photoshoot.


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