Cupcake Wedding Cakes for Your Beach Wedding Reception

Cupcake wedding cakes are a definite trend these days. There are many benefits of having cupcakes instead of a large tiered cake. Cupcakes are much easier to handle and they are less messy. The cupcake structure can easily be assembled at the reception. Why trust the fate of a wedding cake in the back of a minivan? And if you don’t like the original assembly of the cupcakes, play around with it yourself! Another advantage of having cupcakes is you don’t have to stick to one flavor. You can have a handful of marble, or carrot, or red velvet, or even just vanilla. You can even have fillings like custard or jelly in the middle of them. They are easy to play with, to add another uniqueness to your special day. The cupcakes themselves can be tiered or they can be placed decoratively on tables. If they are tiered you can add flowers or leaves to the mixture to give it a fresh look. Guests will love the idea of having their own mini cake to themselves. The point is there are many ways to have fun with cupcakes. It’s your wedding day, so have fun with it!






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