Wedding Prenups: Romantic or not?

“The best proof of love is trust”  Joyce Brothers

Historically, prenuptial agreements were a basic sign that a marriage was being started without a sense of trust. In the modern age, however, a prenup can often serve as a protection factor.

What is a prenup? It is a contract you enter before marriage that essentially states what will happen in case of divorce.

If you are entering your first marriage young and without any significant assets, I would discourage against the idea. I think it would just bring unnecessary concerns of mistrust. If you make millions during your marriage and decide to get divorced down the road, then technically it is fair to share it with your spouse since he/she was by your side and hopefully supported you in your journey to success.

A second marriage can be different though.  If you have kids from a previous relationship or savings plans already set up, then a prenup can be used as a safe haven. Protect your kids and the funds you have set up for your kids. But make sure you inform your spouse-to-be that it’s not a trust factor, but instead a safety net for the interest of your kids.

Personally, I am very old fashioned and trust the person I love with all my heart (and would hope he trusts me as well). Any talk of prenup before the wedding would just make me defensive and plant a seed of mistrust in my head. The whole idea of having a contract that states in detail what happens in case of divorce is just not what I would want to think about BEFORE I get married.  I know that a lot of people would disagree with my view on  prenups and I absolutely get it. Every couple is different and their life circumstances are unique. My opinion is solely based on my beliefs and upbringing.

If you are considering a prenup, talk to your spouse-to-be about it and if it is something you are considering, get the answers you need (not the movies answers).

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