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Real Destin Beach Weddings: Rube and Aaron

Last week we had a pleasure of working with a wonderful couple Rube and Aaron (who came to Destin from Ohio). Rube’s sister, Tamara, took over all Destin beach wedding planning from the couple and together I think we executed a pretty darn gorgeous beach wedding 🙂 I would love to have a sister who would just take all the stress of beach wedding planning upon herself and all I would have to do is tell her what I want and show up. Wouldn’t that be nice! Tamara had a final vision idea few hours before the actual wedding and asked me if we had peacock feathers to add to chair sashes (we didn’t). But few stops at local craft shops and voila we had perfect peacock feathers! This Destin beach wedding went without a hitch.

Enjoy and let us know what you think:

Destin Beach Wedding Package: Serenity package (with turquoise silk sashes, white flower globes and white fresh rose petals)

Photographer: Edina Kiss Photography

Beach Wedding Planner: Janet Burdash (Princess Wedding Co)

Location: Destin Beach House Wedding (604 Gulf Shore dr, Destin, Florida)

Happy planning,


Ps. Have you guys noticed how popular brooch bouquets are lately. Trend alert! I think it calls for its own post.

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