Real Princess Weddings (Miramar Beach, FL): Melissa and Jeffrey

Incredibly stunning couple gets married!

Melissa and Jeffrey were married in Miramar Beach Florida. I am so excited to share their wedding ceremony pictures with you guys! The ceremony was all white decor with hint of pink accent (those were the colors of my wedding also!). So need I say more I absolutely loved it. It s funny because when Edina emailed me the pictures, subject line read “you are going to love this”.  She knows me too well.

Melissa, if you are reading this, please let us know who made your dress. Its absolutely breathtaking. I also totally love Jeffrey’s white suit!

Wedding was coordinated by our own Janet, officiated by Walter (note that as a bride you can ask officiate to dress causally or in a suit and a tie) and photographer by Edina.

Welcome to their wedding:




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