Gorgeous Wedding Bouquet on a Budget

Most couples plan their wedding with a budget in mind, and more than often they will need to cut back on some things.  Here are a few ways you can save money on your flowers without taking away from the look of your wedding.

A great way to save on flowers is make sure the flowers you have for your wedding are in season. In season flowers are much cheaper letting you buy more for less money.

If you are choosing to have your flowers all in the same color, try only using one type of flower instead of mixed bouquets.  Most florists will give you a discount if you buy in bulk.  Not only are you saving money, but the flower arrangements will give a more elegant, stunning look to your beach wedding.

Bigger flowers means you don’t have to buy as many!  Peonies and hydrangeas are perfect for achieving this.  They have bigger blooms naturally.  You can still get the fullness of your flower bouquets without having to use so many flowers.  My trade trick: if you are using roses try adding some carnations in the same color. Carnations are inexpensive and will give your bouquet a softer more rounder look.

If you need to cut back on your budget, a simple thing like flowers may be your lucky out.  Flowers look great no matter what.  And don’t be afraid to ask your florist how to make things cheaper!!


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