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Happy Holidays From our Destin Beach Wedding Office

destin beach wedding coordinators

This year has been a game changer for us. Rebranding was more than successful and took our little beach wedding company to a bigger level. With a new website, updated packages, and more videos and guides, Princess Wedding Co became what I always envisioned it to be: elegant, classic and, most importantly, authentic. This change could not have been possible if not for our amazing brides. That is the honest truth. We are so blessed to work with such incredible couples! You inspire us every day with your creativity, taste and vision.

I am also blessed to have an amazing team! Mayya, Edina, Anneli and Janet, you are all amazing and I can’t imagine doing what I do without you. I can’t even find words to tell you how big of a blessing you are in my life.   I am extremely thankful for your friendship,  talent and all of your hard work you have graciously given to me and this company.

Our company is what it  is because of you. So thank you for that. I am not sure what I have done to deserve all of you and I am honored to be heading into 2013 with you all!

(Popping pink Champagne) So cheers for creating together even bigger and prettier things in the next year! Lets soar to new heights together in 2013!



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