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Rose Petal Cones for Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony

I absolutely love the idea of giving guests cones full of fresh rose petals for send offs. It adds an extra level of uniqueness and elegance to any beach wedding. Petals like these are biodegradable, and much better for the environment than the rice or confetti that has traditionally been thrown at weddings. Plus its a great way to include your guests in the ceremony.

You can add a cute quote, initials of the bride and groom, or just the date of wedding to the cone. The cones don’t have to be white either. You can change the color of the paper to match your theme, or just add a hint of color with a bow or ribbon on front. There are endless possibilities to make the cones and flower petals unique to your wedding. And did I mention you get a fabulous pictures of you being showered with rose petals while walking down the¬†aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

Princess Wedding offers 10 rose petal cones for $50! Email your coordinator and we will be happy to add them to your package.

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