Mayya's Trend Report

Mayya's Trend Report: Tropical Beach Wedding

Hello Ladies,

My name is Mayya and I am a wedding photographer at Princess Wedding Co.  My passions are photography, design, and fashion.  One day I hope to shoot for a big fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle.  Dream big or go home, right?  From now on, every week I will be creating and sharing my inspirational boards and current beach wedding trends with you.

Lately we have had so many classic white weddings that I thought we needed to spice things up and add some color!

Here is my inspirational board for a Tropical Beach Wedding:

Tropical Beach Wedding

Marchesa long gown
$3,357 –

Christian Louboutin peep toe heels
$495 –

Floral jewelry
$249 –

Kate Spade 14k jewelry
$55 –

Tacori wedding jewelry
$2.50 –

Irene Neuwirth pave jewelry
$16,300 –

Be fabulous,

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