Who pays for What: Beach Wedding

Lets face it, weddings can be expensive. Old tradition has it that the brides family picks up the tab, but current day weddings tend to be too expensive for one family to cover. After some research, I’ve found that there can be three different scenarios of splitting the cost.

Scenario 1:
-Brides family pays for reception costs, ceremony costs, flowers, wedding dress, invitations, favors, and photography.
-The grooms family pays for the rehearsal dinner which includes entertainment, invitations, food, and decorations.
-The bride herself pays for the grooms wedding ring, a gift for the groom, her hair and makeup, and gifts for her bridesmaids.
-The groom himself pays for the engagement ring, brides wedding ring, gift for bride, honeymoon, marriage license, and gifts for his groomsmen.

Scenario 2:
The bride and groom pay for everything themselves. Sometimes this can actually be a stress reliever for the couple because it allows them to implement exactly what they want into the big day. Sometimes when you have other people help pay, they feel like they get to help make big decisions on things like venue site which could possibly be something you don’t want.

Scenario 3:
After the engagement some couples will sit down and write down all the costs they plan to come across on paper. Then they will take the total cost and ask their families what they would agree to pay for. Some parents might say “we would like to pay for the dress, flowers, and photographer.” Or they might just give a lump sum of cash and say to spend it on whatever.

* * *

There are, however, no “set rules” on who has to pay for what. When it comes down to it, it just depends on what everyone is most comfortable with. Our wedding coordinators are here to help you get what you want at the right price.  We want you to enjoy the experience so that your beach wedding is the wedding of your dreams.


Happy beach wedding planning,


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