Destin Beach Wedding Glitter And Glam

I’m pretty sure every girl loves items that glitter and shimmer!  Glitter for a beach wedding is perfect.  You will have the natural glitter from the ocean and the sand combined with the glitter you incorporate:  it’ll all be so beautiful put together!  So I’ve come up with a few items you can incorporate into your big day.

The best way to add glitter is  SHOES!!  I recently came across this fabulous picture:

And then I found a blog on how to do it yourself. Come visit The Kurtz Corner for step by step instructions. So many designers are coming out with very glittery and shiny shoes!  You can sport some underneath your beautiful gown, and even ask your bridesmaids to wear them too.  What a perfect way for a girl to wear some shine!

Want to try something new?  Try adding some sparkle in your flower bouquets and boutonnieres.  Many craft stores (such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s)  sell diamond pins that can be easily stuck into the center of flowers. Another great source for fabulous pins is Save on Crafts online store (but beware this website is addicting).   Your photographs will sure to shine with these little diamonds peeking out of your flowers!

A big part of beach wedding ceremonies is cutting and eating the cake.  Dress your cake with some bling! You can ask your baker to incorporate small flashes of shine.  They can give you some shiny flowers, diamond beading, or even top the cake with colored sequins.

Show your girly side and don’t be afraid of adding glitter to your Florida beach wedding.  There are literally so many places it can be done without being overboard.  Talk to any of our wedding coordinators what they think will be best for your wedding.

Happy planning,


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