A Second Dress for Your Beach Wedding Reception

For your ceremony, you want to have the dress of your dreams-the 100 yards of tulle, or the pounds and pounds of lace and beads.  But when it comes to the reception, you don’t want to be carrying around all that extra added weight.  The new trend for brides is to have a SECOND dress just for the reception just like Kate Middleton did at the Royal wedding.

Usually the second dress is a much lighter style.  Some brides tend to do a shorter, maybe tea length dress, while other brides chose a more Grecian style dress that is made of silk or other lighter materials. Kate Middleton chose a full length satin dress with simple beading around the waistline.

The idea of a second dress is great.  It allows you, as a bride, to have the feeling of a princess while walking down the isle, but also the fun flirty feel while dancing your heart out at the reception.

The ladies from our company have “pinned” a few of our favorite dresses that would be great choices for the reception dress onto our board on Pinterest.  We recommend you check it out to see what style fits you best.




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