{Business} Do What You Love

Do what you love…

How many times have you heard those words? Let me tell you, though, that these are very wise words. You can be the best only at what you love. Simply because you put all of your passion, time and devotion into it. You give it all. Because you love it. Simple.

Finding what you love, however, is not that simple. It took me quite a few years and multiple degrees to figure out what I really enjoy doing. I danced ballet since I was 10 and graduated from a Ballet Academy in Estonia at 19.  I then worked in the bridal fashion industry for a year.  I also received a bachelor’s degree in nursing and tried that on for size. But none of it seemed quite right.  I started in the wedding coordinating business really only as a hobby, simply because I enjoyed it. I love everything about weddings: creating clean and classic designs, brides that become friends, lush flowers, happiness, love.  I even love the thrill of the last minute stress. And today, eight years after starting my busniess, I am beaming like a little kid on Christmas every time I open my website and see how much my business has grown.

Finding and doing what you love is AMAZING!

So follow your dreams today and fuel your passion,


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