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Real Beach Weddings: Melina and Jonathan

Hello ladies,

Today we will visit wedding of Melina and Jonathan. This beautiful couple got married in front of Grand Panama Beach resort in Panama City Beach, Fl right before the sunset. When I say that we work with the most awesome brides this is the honest true! We do!

And this is one of the examples why: Officiate was late due to the accident on the road. We were waiting/ calling him constantly to get updates. Traffic was getting worse by the minute. At this point we are 20 minutes late. Now in this situation I can see many brides get frustrated and stressed (and for a good reason). God knows I was (under my professional “calm” mask).  But Melina was such a lady and kept her composure brilliantly. She told me “things happen and he will be here shortly I just know it”. And she was right! Few minutes later traffic cleared out and officiate made it. Ceremony went without a hitch. And look at our officiate jumping with the family (just to the left of the groom). Family+bride+groom happy= We are happy!

My point is, things happen (even on a wedding day) that are out of anybody’s control. It is how we choose to deal with them that make or break our day.


Wedding Location: The Grad Panama Resort, Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Wedding Package: Serenity Package (with custom material)

Beach Wedding Photographer: Mayya Dolis, Princess Wedding Co

 Wedding Coordinator: Kristina Breffitt, Princess Wedding Co

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